Electric boiler meets heating needs at power station

Atlantic Boilers have supplied a Multi-Elec 180kW electric boiler at Bradwell power station – a 50 acre site near Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex.


Two years ago, the 50 year old power station’s turbine hall was emptied of plant and the building demolished however the plant continues to employ staff during the care and maintenance phase of the de-commissioning process.

electric3:Layout 1

The Multi-Elec was selected, for maximum safety and minimum interruption to provide space heating and hot water supply for the remaining buildings.


The Multi-Elec has a range of 90kw – 980kW for closed heating systems with a maximum working pressure of 4 BARS. The added benefit of the Multi-Elec is that its guarantee outlives the building’s demolition date of 2015 which will allow it to be installed at an alternative location.



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