ELCO supplies advanced heating to Ponteland Schools and Leisure Centre

ELCO Heating Solutions has delivered three TRIGON® XL 500 boilers to the state-of-the-art Ponteland Schools and Leisure complex in Northumberland. The compact and powerful units now provide sustainable heating, as well as hot water, across a number of educational and sports facilities.

The campus comprises a 420-pupil primary and 1,600-pupil secondary school, as well as a community leisure centre, pool, library and café – all on a 50-acre site. Given the amount of amenities involved, Ponteland Schools and Leisure Centre required a powerful, reliable and highly efficient system to cope with the varying heating demands.

To fulfil the complex heating requirements, three TRIGON® XL500 units were specified and managed by M&E specialists, SES Engineering Services Ltd. The class-leading boilers achieve impressive low NOx emissions by utilising a commercially proven premix-burner system, which includes a fully modulating, water cooled cold flame burner. This is combined with an optimised combustion system and stainless steel heat exchanger to provide a reliable and robust lifetime performance – while also offering gross seasonal efficiencies up to 97.5%.

Commenting on the installation, Neil Clark, Senior Project Engineer at SES Engineering Services Ltd, said: “This was a prestigious project, so it required a robust and efficient heating system. We selected ELCO’s TRIGON® XL units as they deliver ultra-low emissions and a powerful performance all within a compact arrangement. Plus, the after sales team at ELCO offered a complementary first annual boiler service in addition to the standard warranty, so we are confident that these units are future-proof and capable of supplying reliable heating and hot water for many years to come.”

A major benefit of the TRIGON® XL is modular assembly, allowing a boiler to be dismantled and reassembled in half a working day. All models are cleverly designed to pass through standard 760mm wide doors, making commercial installations straightforward, while factory fitted cargo wheels allow the boiler to be easily manoeuvred into its final position.  Further bolstering its credentials, a 30K flow/return temperature differential allows easier integration with district heating systems, while maintaining optimum efficiency.

Andreea Manoiu, Solutions Centre Manager at ELCO Heating Solutions, said: “We are delighted that the TRIGON® XL500 will be delivering extremely efficient and essential heating to the Ponteland Schools and Leisure centre. The highly efficient boiler range has been designed for the future, producing a reliable and unrivalled performance suitable for the complex’s many needs. We included an additional boiler service as well as the standard warranty, to give the customer peace of mind, while our after sales team were always on hand to provide essential technical support.”

The TRIGON® XL is available in seven different models, with outputs ranging from 150-570kW. Every model is cleverly designed to pass through standard 760mm wide doors, while factory fitted cargo wheels allow each boiler to be easily manoeuvred into its final position – making every installation straightforward.

For more information on the TRIGON® XL and ELCO’s full range of commercial boilers, please visit www.elco.co.uk


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