ELCO revisits care home to upgrade boilers and deliver impressive energy savings

ELCO Heating Solutions has returned to Alban Manor care home in St Albans to upgrade its commercial heating plant with the latest floor standing boiler technology on the market.

The installation of two TRIGON® L PLUS 170kW units was part of the complete refurbishment of the heating and hot water system at the Hertfordshire care home, which has dramatically reduced NOx emissions by 86%, CO2 emissions by more than 28%, and gas consumption by 26%.

The project involved the removal of three Regency boilers that had previously been installed under the MHS Boilers name. After two decades of reliable operation, they had reached the end of their lifecycles and had become inefficient to run. The replacement of the units with ELCO’s new TRIGON® L PLUS boilers represents a major upgrade, with the new models offering a range of technological firsts.

TRIGON® L PLUS boilers utilise a unique double heat exchanger design, which provides them with built-in redundancy – creating a cascade system within one boiler. The two heat exchangers are also capable of working independently from each other, ensuring that a system is never left without highly efficient heating. Such a setup is perfect for Alban Manor, which relies on continuity of heating and hot water throughout the year.

The care home, which is located in the heart of St Albans, underwent a complete refurbishment in 2019. It now offers luxurious accommodation for up to 80 residents, with bedrooms purpose-built to be spacious and equipped to provide all the comforts required of a modern facility.

Farnborough-based heating contractors, Plant and Pipewerx Ltd (appointed by project managers Netheat), undertook the refurbishment of the care home’s heating systems. Commenting on the installation, Craig Cooper, Contract Manager, said: “The old units had done a great job over the years, but it was clear that they needed to be replaced with new boilers to improve the overall efficiencies of the heating and hot water system. The new TRIGON® L PLUS are the perfect replacement with a compact size to power ratio and, by increasing individual

boiler outputs, we’ve managed to reduce the total number of boilers in the plant room from three to two – which saves a bit more space.

“As far as the installation is concerned, everything went in without a hitch. The boilers were compact enough to easily transport to the rooftop plant room and, after changing the flue sizing and arrangement from three to two, we were able to get them quickly installed.”

Set up of the flueing system was aided by the TRIGON® L PLUS boilers’ integrated non-return valves, which are built-in as standard, allowing easy connection of the flue system without the loss or residual fan pressure.

Discussing further improvements to the system, Craig continued: “At the moment, the boilers are working in cascade using an existing control system, but we’re liaising with ELCO so we can switch them to the built-in cascade manager, as well as add weather compensation to the system. These two additions will help to further improve system efficiencies and maintain thermal comfort throughout the building.”

Another benefit of the new TRIGON® L PLUS boilers is their stainless steel heat exchangers, which will deliver excellent efficiencies for the lifetime of the boiler, as well as incredibly low maintenance schedules.

Available in seven different models with outputs from 60-200kW, the TRIGON® L PLUS range offers a wealth of benefits, including: ultra-low NOx emissions, superb seasonal efficiencies and extremely flexible cascade arrangements.

The boiler’s impressive low NOx emissions are achieved by utilising ELCO’s unique HEX3 technology, which structures the heat exchanger into three zones. This is combined with an optimised combustion system and stainless steel heat exchanger to provide a reliable and robust lifetime performance – while also offering gross seasonal efficiencies up to 96.6%.

For more information on ELCO’s range of commercial gas condensing boilers, visit www.elco.co.uk.

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