ELCO Heating Solutions delivers first-class upgrade to flagship hospital

ELCO Heating Solutions (ELCO) has supplied four TRIGON® XXL EVO gas condensing boilers to The Wirral’s flagship Arrowe Park Hospital, as part of an important system upgrade.

In order to fulfil the hospital’s heating and hot water requirements, two TRIGON® XXL EVO900 and two EVO1100 were specified from ELCO’s floor standing commercial boiler range. The industry leading boilers deliver unrivalled power and performance thanks to a unique heat exchanger geometry and a water-cooled cold flame burner, which limit NOx emissions to 20mg/kWh, while offering gross seasonal efficiencies of up to 96%.

A major benefit of the TRIGON® XXL boiler is its low water content design, which allows it to respond rapidly to the hospital’s heating and hot water demands. It is also incredibly lightweight and compact, ensuring it could be easily accommodated within the dimensions of the existing plant room.

The TRIGON® XXL is available in ‘ECO’ and ‘EVO’ variants, which combine to offer 19 different models overall. ‘ECO’ models offer excellent efficiencies and reduced energy consumption, and are available in outputs from 650kW to 1600kW.  ‘EVO’ models offer the ‘best of both’, thanks to high power outputs and excellent efficiencies, with the range also including the industry’s first 2MW premix boiler, which features five heat exchanger sections to bolster power and performance, while keeping energy consumption and emissions to a strict minimum.



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