Efficient alternative to AHU

The latest addition to Climaveneta UK’s i-Whisper range is the i-Whisper Enthalpy, a reverse cycle air-to-air packaged rooftop unit with inverter driven scroll compressor and enthalpic heat recovery wheel for enthalpic  heat recovery and free cooling. It also features a plug and play approach for simplified installation and maintenance.

In bringing precise control of temperature and indoor air quality together in a single unit, i-Whisper Enthalpy is an ideal alternative to a combination of air handling units and chillers.

Crucially, comfort conditions are achieved and maintained with optimum energy efficiency, thanks to features such as inverter-controlled scroll compressors, plug fans, high efficiency heat exchangers and rotary enthalpy recovery.

The rotary enthalpy recovery system delivers efficiencies between 60% and 90%, depending on operating conditions, thanks to its high surface area to volume ratio. The enthalpy wheel is able to recover both latent and sensible heat, thus providing effective humidity control and improving overall unit efficiency. The rotor is powered by a constant-speed, low energy electric motor.

All units are controlled with Climaveneta’s Air 3000 SE controller, especially developed for rooftop units.


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