Editor’s Note – March 2010

It’s not often that the magazine becomes the main focus of a news story but this month I have pleasure in bringing you the news that I have received the award for KNX Champion of the Year.

Over the last few years we have brought you regular news on the building controls industry, championing the cause for better controls systems, both through the pages of BSEE and through our Building Controls awards programme.

KNX has played a huge part in this and having worked closely with them for the last two years I am delighted to be the recipient of this award. It’s always great to receive recognition for the work which we do but it also makes me very proud to be part of an industry which is clearly changing the way in which we work and one which is now seen as one of the most efficient ways to manage your energy use and reduce your carbon footprint.

Since KNX first appeared on the pages of BSEE it has grown in popularity, providing a simple and time proven system for intelligent electrical installation networking that offers significant advantages over other alternative approaches to building automation and control.

We are delighted to have played a part in this success story and the message going forward is very clear. KNX is part of the future and if you haven’t experienced it yet then now is the time to find out more. I am delighted to receive this award but what is probably more important is the knowledge that there are some exciting things happening with KNX over the next few months and we will be there to bring you all the latest developments as they happen – watch this space.

See you next month


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