Editor’s Note

This month sees the launch of the Building Controls Industry Awards 2010 which are being held in association with the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) and BSEE.

This will be the fourth year which the awards have been held and you will see from the coverage in BSEE that they have proved to be a huge success.

Although there are many awards in the industry these are the only ones which are exclusively for the building controls industry and therefore they are celebrating the achievements of people and companies who would not otherwise be recognised.

This is a very dynamic industry which is striving to promote the benefits of building controls in order to meet the energy saving targets which we have heard so much about. It is only right then that there is an awards programme dedicated to the work they are doing which will celebrate the innovation and the unsung heroes who have brought some fantastic products to the market in recent years.

BSEE is once again supporting the awards programme and over the coming months I am looking forward to bringing you not just news of how to enter but when the time comes I will be bringing you full details of who is shortlisted in each of the entry categories and ultimately it will be my job to bring you details of the winners following the awards dinner in May 2010.

All that’s really left for me to say is that you need to turn to page 10 now in order to find out all about the Building Controls Industry Awards – then you just need to decide which category you fit into – and don’t worry because you can nominate other individuals and companies so even if you don’t fit a category I’m sure you know someone who does.

See you next month


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