Edison launches retrofit lamp

Edison has added a new 24-watt CFL Retrofit Lamp to their Energy Saving range. The new CFL Retrofit will be a popular replacement for 118 mm ‘J’ type linear halogen lamps, which are currently used for amenity and floodlighting.
The main benefit is its low power consumption, which will enable responsible firms to reduce not only their overall carbon footprint, but also their energy and lighting maintenance costs. The new Edison lamp will be particularly beneficial for numerous exterior applications where amenity and floodlighting is used extensively. 
As Edison CFL Retrofit has a much longer life than halogen, changing spent units will take place on a less frequent basis, thus substantially reducing the need for maintenance.  The new lamps also generate high-quality light of 1500 lumens, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.
Edison have published new literature to outline their comprehensive Energy Saving range, which is a must-have guide for all specifiers, electricians, lighting installers and building maintenance managers.

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