EcoShield Water heaters get smart

Lochinvar has adapted its ‘smart’ app-based boiler control system for use with its EcoShield™ range of commercial water heaters.

Originally launched in 2017 for its Herald range of gas-fired condensing boilers, the Con-X-us™ system enables users to connect their smart devices, including smart phones and tablets, to the on-board controls. This allows the water heaters to be monitored and adjusted from literally anywhere in the world.

The availability of continual monitoring using smart technology in this way ensures any operating problems can be identified early. This means they can be quickly rectified, thus minimising the impact of any potential loss of hot water supply.

Con-X-us™ is available as an ancillary option, which can be ordered and fitted to the water heater before despatch, or retrofitted on site. The user only requires an internet connection, but any loss of connectivity will not affect the water heater’s operation.

The app is free to download and is suitable for iPhone or Android devices. There are no ongoing costs and it provides full control with email or text alerts keeping users connected and updated 24/7.

EcoShield water heaters are available in six models with hot water recovery rates ranging from 612 to 2,436 litres per hour, based on a 50ºC temperature rise. They can now be remotely operated using the Con-X-us touch screen technology or by typing in specific information to adjust set points, outdoor reset curves, pump controls and many other functions.

Con-X-us™ allows users to monitor the performance of the water heater in real time, and can be configured to provide a variety of alerts, including service reminders or system lockout alarms. One particularly useful feature is the system’s ability to log history, including temperature settings, which can be an essential part of any legionella prevention regime.

Service and maintenance technicians or Lochinvar’s own technical support team can be given temporary access to Con-X-us™ so that any operational problems can be resolved as quickly as possible. The system can also be configured by the main user to allow up to three extra service personnel to receive e-mail or text alerts.

Con-X-us™ uses colour-coded status alerts to indicate if the water heater needs attention or servicing. It describes any potential problem and offers an immediate solution.

“Smart technology really comes into its own in this kind of very practical application,” said Lochinvar sales director, Liam Elmore, “By acting as an early warning system, the app reduces service and repair costs and avoids potential system downtime.

“Con-X-us™ also allows for continual monitoring so the user can adjust settings at any time of day or night from wherever they are. This means the supply of hot water can be managed efficiently, instantly responding to any change in user requirements or operating conditions – and all for a fraction of the cost of a building management system.”

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