Econic website offers insight

Renewable energy and ground source heat pump specialist Econic has a new website.

Econic specialises in the planning, installation, integration and commissioning of ground, air and water source heat pumps and integrated solar thermal systems. Heat pumps can provide cost effective and long-term sustainable alternatives to traditional space heating and hot water systems.

The new web pages have an easy-to-use drop down menu format to speed access to information on the relevant technology or service. In addition, there are case studies, detailed descriptions of Econic solutions, explanations of the techniques employed and details of the financial options and grants available.

“We believe a potential client or any visitor to the site can now gain a broad insight into the nature of an Econic project and whether they could benefit from our expertise,” remarks Murray Treece, Econic’s COO. 

Econic’s team includes some of the most experienced specialists in the heat pump industry. It can advise at an early stage on the type of system for any kind of project.

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