Ecodan helps meet code

Mitsubishi Electric has launched an incredibly efficient new heating system that harvests and upgrades the energy found naturally in the outdoor air to minimise energy use within our homes and dramatically reduce carbon emissions.
The Ecodan heat pump boiler gathers over 70% of the heat energy it needs from the surrounding air, making it significantly more efficient at providing heating and hot water than modern condensing gas boilers.

The energy in the air that surrounds us is a key sustainable resource that doesn’t currently factor into people’s thinking and installing Ecodan can therefore help developers and house builders achieve Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Introduced in 2006 as part of a growing body of legislation aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, the Code sets national standards for the sustainable design and construction of homes.

The average UK household currently produces over four tonnes of CO2 per year with space and water heating accounting for more than 73% of this. Ecodan uses proven heat pump technology to reduce CO2 by 1,500kg less than a gas-fired boiler and 3,000kg less than an oil-fired.

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