EcoCooling harness new technology

EcoCooling is Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of evaporative coolers, a traditional concept which provides cool fresh air by using the process of evaporation to cool the air as an alternative to using refrigeration.

EcoCooling has harnessed and developed this technology to provide a cooler which can not only provide an alternative to air conditioning in most buildings but will save the occupants more than 90% on their energy costs as well as the substantial carbon savings that go with this.

EcoCoolers employ the most advanced control systems available in a modular evaporative cooler. Integral thermostatic controls means temperature tolerances approaching plus/minus one Celsius have been achieved. BMS connectivity is simple including a comprehensive fault reporting. This comprehensive control system also includes humidity control and automatic control of extract fans to provide balanced ventilation.

The EcoCooler has been specifically developed for the European market to meet an ever widening range of applications and demands. Until recently the majority of evaporative cooling installations were for industrial applications. This has now changed significantly. The public sector has challenging cost and carbon impact targets. There are a growing number of successful installations in schools, higher education, leisure facilities, hospitals and administration facilities. Evaporative cooling has now been successfully applied in the cooling of server rooms and the 90% savings when EcoCooling is applied to 24/7 operations are proving to be very attractive.

In addition to the functional controls EcoCoolers has the most robust legionella controls of any evaporative cooler. Independent risk assessment documentation is available and this hygienic design provides safe and efficient operation.

The increasing threat of global warming and the legal requirements to lower CO2 levels is leading to challenging new markets for evaporative cooling. EcoCoolers were applied in Marks and Spencer’s first carbon neutral factory in Sri Lanka. EcoCooling can provide the product, technical support and application experience to assist consultants, architects and engineers in realising the potential of evaporative cooling.

Stand Number F61

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