Eco-friendly demand for Cablofil

Cablofil has won a new contract to provide all the cable containment for a state-of-the-art biomass fuel production plant in Ruthin, North Wales.

The new plant produces wood pellets for use in wood burning stoves.  It sees existing timber firm, Clifford Jones Timber, diversifying its business and will use both waste and virgin timber in a complex process to produce the environmentally friendly fuel. An 85mx35m, two-storey building, the production facility contains more than 1,000kw of motors and in excess of 100 sensors and detectors.  As a result, the cable management had to be both flexible and easily tailored to meet very specific requirements on site.

This is the first time that electrical contractor, Aerial Electrics, has ever specified Cablofil steel wire tray. The company chose the system in preference to perforated steel tray because, says Tom Higgins from Aerial Electrics: “It is so versatile and easy to use as well as supplying a variety of tray widths”. The contractor will use varying widths of Cablofil ranging from 600mm for the main routes down to just 35mm, which will be fixed to the machines themselves to house temperature control and pressure monitor cables.

“Because steel wire tray is made up of 90% free air, it provides good ventilation to the cables, allowing us to use minimum width cables across the installation, which, not only reduces the amount of containment needed but will also help us make significant savings in the cost of cables for the client.”

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