ECA Energy- Crossing the gap to Net Zero

Recent economic developments show that the very real threat of climate change is now being taken seriously by policymakers. An ECA survey asks whether the UK’s workforce has the necessary skills to make Net Zero Carbon a reality.

Evidence shows we have little time to mitigate the ongoing impacts of global warming. ECA is focused on supporting the electrical and wider engineering service sector’s delivery of ‘active’ technologies and skills to help attain the UK’s Net Zero Carbon 2050 target.

‘Active’ technologies include the full range of equipment and systems that provide ‘low to no carbon’ energy solutions. They include solar and wind energy, heat pumps, EV charging, energy storage, and other smart, monitoring and wireless systems. They are distinct from ‘passive’ energy solutions such as insulation.

To this end, ECA recently partnered with TESP, BESA, the Renewable Energy Association and Solar Energy UK (formerly the Solar Trade Association) to produce the Skills4Climate industry report, examining ways to ensure our sector has the required skills base.

The report gives voice to the views and experiences of nearly 150 electrotechnical businesses, ranging from microbusinesses to those with over 500 employees, and the results are already helping to map the way forward for our sector.

Visit for more on ECA’s Net Zero policy position, and a series of video shorts outlining why the electrotechnical and engineering services sector needs to build the right skills for the future.

For more on how umbrella alliance Actuate UK will engage with net zero carbon and low to no carbon skills go to:

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