Eaton offers more choice

Eaton has extended its Mempower MP medium power busbar range with a new 800A rating. This means that it is able to offer the 800A rating in either its air-insulated MP range (previously offered in 125A-630A ratings) or its 500-6300A Mempower XP low impedance range. The full Mempower range is described in a new 38-page Product Guide.
Mempower MP is a versatile, cost-effective busbar trunking system used extensively in residential blocks, hotels, department stores, hospitals, offices and industrial installations. It is often used for vertical risers and offers tap-off units every third of a metre. These include switch disconnectors, fuses, fuse combination switches, moulded-case circuit-breakers or miniature circuit-breakers.

The new 800A rating offers a competitively-priced option at this rating. Short time withstand rating is 25kA for one second. It is offered in four-bar and five-bar options. The five-bar option provides an integral earth conductor which avoids the necessity to use the casing as an earth conductor.

Meanwhile Mempower XP is a low impedance system for higher power ratings (500-6,300A) and has a 40kA short time withstand rating.

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