Easy to use entry doorphone

Hager has redesigned its Logisty entry doorphone to feature a large modern looking LCD screen that allows clear and simple navigation for the homeowner. As part of a home security system the new entry doorphone can be used from anywhere in the house to control access into the property as well as external lighting and garage doors.

The Logisty doorphone uses Optwin radio transmission technology. This uses two high-speed frequencies for reliable and high quality digital audio for up to 400 metres. 

As the doorphone is wireless it is easy to install without the need to drill walls or dig unsightly cable trenches, so the home’s decoration can remain undisturbed.

Peter Curtis from Hager says: “The doorphone design has a new classic feel and look and at the same time provides an essential part of home security. In addition to its new look, it uses innovative radio transmission technology which is highly reliable and easy to install.”


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