Easy fit solution

Hager claims that its new sollysta grid wiring accessories are the easiest on the market to install. The modules have the shallowest projection currently available, at just 10mm from the faceplate, to maximise cabling space in the back box.

For installation the modules clip in from the front of the metal frame rather than the back. This makes them easy to fit and to replace and ensures that you cannot push them into the back box.

Wiring is also simplified with the terminals all facing upwards for easier orientation with lead-ins to guide the screwdriver, backed off screws held captive, wire end stops and clear white labelling off a dark grey background.

The frame is rigid to avoid deformation during installation and its design even makes it possible to access the switch terminals after you have fitted the switches into the frame. For six and eight gang applications the frames clip together to ease alignment.

Jane Yorke, Product Manager for Hager says: “Grid products are a fact of life in today’s market, but contractors often find that they are hard to fit. Our design has largely overcome these issues.”


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