Easy fit from Hager

Hager has introduced a new range of easy to fit fuse carriers for the protection and control of circuits against overloads and short circuits.
Available for both BS88 and BS1361 fuses, an electrician can fit the fuse carrier using just one screwdriver for both the connection to the DIN rail and for the terminals.  It is also easy to see whether the DIN rail clip is open or closed since it is black and contrasts against the grey of the carrier.
You can seal the fuse carrier in an open or closed position with a 1.5mm diameter wire.  A locking kit allows padlocking in the open position only. The terminals are rated at IP2x and dust cannot get in through the handle.
Contractors can also mix MCBs and the fuse carriers since they have an identical single pole profile and can share the same busbar.

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