EasiCool upgraded with R410A

The close control EasiCool is now even more efficient with the introduction of R410A to air cooled and water cooled models in the range and a raft of brand new options. These include EC fan upgrades; eco-friendly hot gas re-heat; compact Energy Manager; fully modulating thyristor-controlled electric heating and a suction throttle valve capable of 50-100% modular capacity regulation for precise setpoint control and capacity match.
Quiet and easy to install, the EasiCool is capable of maintaining a precisely controlled air conditioned environment within the smallest possible footprint. Benefiting from a modular construction, the EasiCool offers 6-60kW nominal cooling capacities, with 76 DX (38 air cooled and 38 water cooled) and 34 chilled water models in either upflow or downflow configuration.
Optional EC fans upgrades are now available on both indoor and outdoor units and offer the ultimate in fan efficiency, at full and part load. R410A optimisation offers greater efficiency and a lower refrigerant charge for F Gas compliance.
Hot gas re-heat efficiently re-heats cool air during dehumidification by utilising heat that would normally be rejected by the condenser.

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