EasiCool from Airedale

The EasiCool is now available in a new DX water cooled version with the addition of an optional integral plate condenser, creating a completely packaged, pre-charged DX water cooled system within the unit.
The packaged DX system has a fixed suction line length, eliminating any concerns over oil return on extended pipe run systems and making it ideal for cooling environments which are remote from the final heat rejection location.

Since the DX water cooled system is fully packaged and factory pre-charged, refrigerant volumes are kept to an absolute minimum, aiding F-gas compliancy whilst keeping installation costs low.

The plate condenser, when fitted with a mechanical head pressure control valve for flow regulation, allows room heat loads to be transferred to a glycol/water solution. The heat in this solution can then be dispersed via systems such as a cooling tower or remotely mounted air-cooled dry cooler.

Already one of the most compact cases on the close control market, the DX water-cooled version makes the EasiCool even more self-contained and is available on all 39 models across the EasiCool range, in 5kW to 60kW cooling capacities.

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