Ease of access with CMS

In a move that opens up a wealth of flexibility in terms of facilities and site management, LiftStore, the UK based manufacturer of lift components and control systems has launched its revolutionary remote access lift monitoring software, CMS Anywhere. 
In any place of work, where the function of a building’s lifts is crucial to everyday operation – and with KPIs dictating strict service availability levels – the ability to monitor a lift’s performance and be alerted to any potential problems and breakdowns is vital.  Now, with the launch of LiftStore’s innovative web-based CMS Anywhere system, this has been made a great deal simpler.
Accurate and real-time lift monitoring, which used to involve the installation of an onsite host server connected via the PSTN to the lift controller, can now be achieved by providing all CMS management information over a simple web browser, accessible by authorised personnel from anywhere in the world.  With CMS Anywhere, the disadvantages associated with the traditional system – the need for extra hardware on the operator’s desk and associated maintenance and support costs – are instantly removed. 

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