Dutypoint launches new CPD on choosing water boosting systems

Dutypoint, manufacturer of innovative and efficient water pump systems for construction projects, has launched a new CIBSE approved CPD providing guidance on the specification of cold water boosting solutions.

The new seminar ‘Cold water boosting: design, sizing and selection’ has been specifically developed for consultants, architects and specifiers at all levels involved in designing water systems in residential or commercial buildings.

In a session lasting around an hour, Dutypoint experts explain the scenarios in which boosting solutions can be of particular benefit, such as in high-rise building developments. Participants will also gain a greater understanding of pressure and flow requirements, how to determine appropriate sizing and selection, and mitigate any potential issues.

Frazer Ross, Technical Sales Engineer at Dutypoint, says: “Tall building development is continuing to rise, and providing adequate water pressure from top to bottom is a significant issue for such projects. This is what our new CPD aims to highlight; how to choose the most effective cold water boosting system for a building. The session is free of charge and for the convenience of our customers, we’ll visit their premises to deliver the presentation.”

To book a Dutypoint CPD session visit https://www.dutypoint.com/systems/99-dutypoint-cpd  or call 01452 300110.

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