Duo Maxi has appeal

The Duo Maxi IP65 bi-directional wall light from Ansell Lighting has been introduced to provide the lighting market with a high quality amenity luminaire that is designed to project light simultaneously, in equal amounts, for both direct and indirect directions and as such is able to enhance a project’s architectural design features.

Suitable for mainly exterior but also some interior applications, the Duo Maxi is an ideal solution for both retail and commercial projects. By utilising a high purity aluminium reflector, this luminaire is able to intensify the light output to create the required decorative effect. 

The Duo Max features integral quality control gear, operating a horizontally mounted 70w Metal Halide lamp which is able to provide the combined benefits of a good lamp life with excellent colour rendering.  The installation of one of the optional reflector plates would enable the creation of different light beam distribution patterns in either one or both directions.

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