Dunham-Bush launches new range

The new LST (low surface temperature) version of Dunham-Bush’s popular Series AM fan convector ensures that surface temperatures do not exceed 43°C – satisfying  the growing requirement for fan convector casings and grille temperatures to be safe.

While LST radiators have been available for many years, achieving low surface temperatures for fan convectors has been a greater engineering challenge, due to the higher air velocities during operation and elevated internal temperatures in stand-by mode.

Dunham-Bush has tackled this issue by modifying the output from the heating coil and introducing a 4-port diverting valve to isolate the coil in stand-by mode. This combination ensures that the casing of the convector does not exceed a surface temperature of 43°C, providing total compliance with Health Guidance Note – Safe hot water and surface temperatures, NHS Estates1998.

The LST Series AM floor-mounted fan convector is available in all standard sizes, offering nominal outputs from 2kW to 9kW. Installation is as straightforward as with standard models and the actuator is automatically controlled with no need for additional control inputs.

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