Dual stamp of approval

Johnson Controls has been granted the European Building Automation and Controls Association (EuBAC) licence and BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) certification for its products, demonstrating quality and energy efficiency in line with European standards.
The EuBAC certificate allows Johnson Controls to use the EuBAC certification mark for the FX07 field controller (Facility Explorer) for the fan coil unit system application.
Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) are strongly involved in helping owners and occupiers of buildings to save energy by monitoring, optimising and controlling heating systems, air conditioning systems, cooling systems, lighting systems, blinds or fire and security systems. The EuBAC certification mark assures users of the conformity of products and systems defined in European Directives and European Standards. The certification procedure is rigorous, requiring periodic tests and factory inspection by third party experts. The mark is valid for a five-year period.
While undergoing the EuBAC tests, Johnson Controls was awarded the BTL European certification for the Metasys Network Control Engine (NCE). The certificate is verification of BACnet conformity and complements the International BTL mark. BACnet is a neutral communications standard for building automation that ensures the continuous flow of data. Using this worldwide standard enables systems to communicate with each other in an interoperable mode with a single language. The BACnet interest group, BIG-EU, effectively implements the European quality demands thus contributing towards the reduction of energy consumption and costs in buildings around the world.

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