Drop & Slide ceiling system

New to the market from SAS International is the cleverly designed Drop & Slide metal ceiling system. Drop & Slide looks like any other suspended metal ceiling system as it provides a flush finish. But where this product differs is its ingenious way of allowing access to the ceiling void for on-going essential maintenance.

As simple as it sounds, Drop & Slide enables access by simply dropping the tile down from the ceiling grid and sliding it across under the ceiling tile next to it. At a glance you will only see a tile missing rather than a tile hanging down into a corridor or room which may cause obstruction.

The Drop & Slide metal ceiling tile sits in a specially designed channel which allows the panels to be pulled down with ease, whilst the grid holds it neatly in place, flat against the ceiling plane. This innovative framework creates a vertical bulkhead to provide functional M&E service access. The vertical bulkhead makes it ideal for constructing ceiling layouts in rafts, offering designers and architects increased design flexibility.


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