Drinking water installations in hospitals – SANHA fulfills high hygiene requirements

High demands are placed on the technical equipment of a hospital, especially regarding to hygiene. The installations used for drinking water in particular must therefore be ideal. With our piping systems, this can be achieved easily.

Factors affecting drinking water

In addition to the temperature, the contamination of the components before and during assembly and the type of installation, the materials used also have an effect on the water quality. For this reason, for example, the Drinking Water Directive limits the entry of lead to 0.01 mg/l. In demanding projects such as hospitals, planners, installers and operators have the responsibility to minimise the health risk for patients and staff. This can be achieved in particular through forward-looking construction planning and product selection.

Lead-free and clean installation

We offer system pipes and fittings made of copper, stainless steel and silicon bronze, which enable an absolutely lead-free installation. The NiroSan stainless steel pipes are made of the carbon-reduced material 1.4404 with a particularly high molybdenum content of at least 2.3 %, which gives high corrosion protection.

We are currently the only manufacturer to produce all system press, transition and threaded fittings from lead-free CuSi silicon bronze, a particularly hard and dense copper alloy. Fittings made of silicon bronze are very suitable for drinking water installations due to their hygienic and corrosion-proof properties.

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