Dramatic savings for Fire Brigade

Ex-Or has won the contract to supply and install lighting controls to the London Fire Brigade (LFB), the third largest fire and rescue service in the world.
One of the first installations under this contract has resulted in the Brigade cutting the electricity bill for its main training centre in Southwark by 25% following the installation of Ex-Or lighting controls throughout the complex.
At 7,700m², the specialist training centre is one of the largest buildings in LFB’s estate.  LightSpot presence-detecting lighting controls have been installed by Ex-Or’s own installation engineers in all parts of the centre including training suites, open plan and cellular office areas, sports hall, storerooms, classrooms, corridors and the reception area.
The Brigade plans to control lighting throughout its estate by installing Ex-Or lighting management equipment.
In addition to the LightSpot control systems installed in the training centre, Ex-Or’s lighting management systems are already in successful operation in a number of fire stations around the Capital. Many more will be installed over the next few years in the rolling programme of building refurbishments.
Ex-Or’s LightSpot presence detection system, which comprises discrete controllers with integral photocells, is employed to automatically switch lights on and off by monitoring the presence of occupants and by measuring the amount of natural light available. Different types of LightSpot are employed according to the size and type of area being controlled. Individual detector types have ranges varying from 6 metres to 60 metres. Regardless of the size of area monitored, LightSpot detectors ensure lights automatically switch on when areas become occupied, and automatically switch off when occupants leave.
The installation, which took place over a four week period, was trouble free and caused minimal operational disruption. The Ex-Or systems have proved reliable in use.

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