Double check ratings

Energy-conscious specifiers who increasingly are favouring low energy lighting and automatic switching as ways of reducing consumption are cautioned to check the ratings of PIR light controllers. A headline rating of 2000W is required to switch just 500W of low energy lighting to cope with the initial surge of energy they draw when switching on. Indeed, this is why incandescent lighting often continues to be most appropriate where it is desired to limit energy consumption by automatic switching on and off of lights if there will be frequent switching.
The Timeguard range of PIR light controllers are all clearly rated for different types of lighting – incandescent, halogen and fluorescent/low energy and all are rated to switch at least 2000W incandescent or halogen and 500W low energy.

The Timeguard range offers the reassurance of a trusted and competitively-priced brand name with easy installation and adjustment of light levels and detection field angles. All are guaranteed for three years. These are PIR lights controllers that you can fit and forget.

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