Traditionally soldering and brazing have been the go-to methods for connecting pipe such as copper and stainless steel, while welding and threading have been the typical approaches for thick-walled steel tube. However, advances in press connection technology made over the last two decades mean that the conventional approaches are no longer the best option.

Press connections offer a number of key advantages including speed, safety, reliability and versatility.


When compared with techniques such as soldering, the press connection process is straightforward and requires little preparation, allowing an install to be completed up to 50% faster. After cutting the pipe to the required length, you simply need to deburr the cut surface, slide the press fitting into place and press the connection.

The time saving is even greater for thick-walled tube installation. Independent laboratory testing with the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) showed that Viega Megapress delivers:

  • 35% time saving compared with grooving.
  • 60% saving compared with threading.
  • 78% reduction compared with welding.


This means that an assembly that took 29 hours 59 minutes to complete with welding was finished in just 6 hours 38 minutes with Megapress.


Among the biggest risks to any building or construction project is fire. By removing the need to use heat at any stage of the process, press connections eliminate this hazard. Also, unlike welding, the press connection process does not pose a risk to the health of the installer. The fumes generated from welding have serious short and long term health effects and in recent years have been confirmed as a human carcinogen, with the rules for safe working tightened accordingly.


The simplicity of the press connection process ensures that a strong, uniform seal is created on each connection throughout the project. There is no variation in the quality as the press tool automatically applies the correct pressure to complete the connection. Our press connection system features a double press, both before and after the sealing element to create a permanent connection and ensure axial tensile strength.


Press connection technology is available for all pipe materials – from copper and stainless steel to plastic and thick-walled steel. Press connections are suitable for a wide range of applications including heating and chilled water, potable water, natural gas and LPG, technical gases and fire suppression systems as well as solar thermal and district heating systems.

Press connection made smarter with Viega Pressgun 6 Plus

Our new Pressgun 6 Plus has been engineered to make installations easier, faster and safer. It is six centimetres shorter and around 100 grams lighter than the Pressgun 5 with a centre of gravity that makes it more comfortable to use. It also delivers up to 35% more pressings per battery charge due to new battery technology, efficient brushless motor and its optimised design. The Pressgun 6 Plus will also carry out 40,000 pressings before it needs servicing – the equivalent of 4 years’ work.

Among the key advances for Pressgun 6 Plus is the smart connectivity. The tool connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth to give the user more information and control – making work simpler. This includes viewing the current status of the tool and battery level at any time. The user can also select the pressing mode, with the option to choose between the default Viega AutoCycle or the Viega SmartCycle, which presses the connection in two stages to allow inspection prior to completing the pressing. The smart connectivity also provides flexible usage controls and anti-theft protection.

Press connection is faster, safer, simpler and more reliable when compared to traditional methods and our new range of press tools provide greater flexibility and productivity for users. At Viega, we also provide help and support by offering project and application specific technical guidance as well as a range of training options.


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