Don’t guess – calculate

Titon has launched a CD-based Part F System 1 calculator that assists fabricators or builders in calculating the background ventilation requirement for domestic properties. The new Part F (Ventilation) Building Regulation requires the background ventilation to be calculated using a number of variables.
To achieve compliance with Part F it is important that estimators have an efficient and easy to use method to work out the correct whole building background ventilation requirement.

The Titon Part F System 1 calculator simplifies this process. Using criteria including the number of bedrooms (both single and double), number of storeys, the floor area of the dwelling and the number of facades, Titon’s Part F Calculator confirms how many of its new high performing ventilators are needed to fulfil the total EA (equivalent area) requirement.

This will allow many more specifiers to stay with the traditional System 1 route to compliance.

Among the products on the CD are the new Trimvent Select Xtra range and the new TV4000 Hi Lift and TV90 Hi Lift aluminium vent ranges.

The Calculator is free on request.

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