Docking frame eases assembly

A docking frame has been introduced for use with the Harting Han-Modular(R) industrial connector system, allowing connector assemblies to be used in situations where housings are not required – in racks in switch cabinets, for example.

An important feature of the new frame is that it allows a modular docking connector to be set up without a housing, making it possible to carry out blind insertion of a pre-assembled cassette using automatic insertion processes that are not hand-guided.

To provide rack compensation, the entire frame floats in the sense that it can move freely within a set range. At the same time, however, very stable leading/centering pins and bushes ensure that the two connector sides are securely connected to each other.

The docking frame features a highly mechanically stable plastic construction, and is designed for use in IP 20 environments. Two sizes are available, for four or six modules, respectively, and there is no need for additional PE contacts.

The Harting Han-Modular(R) concept allows users to select and assemble their own ‘customised’ industrial connectors themselves using a range of modules for electrical, optical and pneumatic signals.

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