Do you have a futureproof electrical manufacturing partner?

As the electrical industry directs its focus on sustainability, specifiers face the challenge of meeting demand with futureproofed solutions. Pascal Stutz, CEO of Legrand UK and Ireland, explores this issue and how the company is positioned to guide electrical professionals through a changing environment.

With the built environment contributing almost 40 per cent of the UK’s total carbon footprint according to the UK’s Green Construction Board[1], it’s evident that substantial efforts must be made to decarbonise buildings to achieve national net zero targets. As transitioning to renewable energy is a fundamental part of this process, the pressure on electrical infrastructure continues to grow across the UK’s building stock.

Contractors and specifiers won’t only have to contend with rising demand across electrical building services, but also ensure solutions are prepared for the future. Electrical manufacturing partners, like Legrand, must therefore place sustainability front-of-mind when supporting projects across the residential and commercial sectors.

Emphasis on electricity

The shifting electrical landscape makes sustainability a considerable challenge. As low-carbon alternatives such as electric vehicles rise in popularity, the government has set out plans for compulsory vehicle charging points in all new buildings from 2022[2]to propel such change to infrastructure. Furthermore, the increasing hybridity of our working environment highlights a need for flexible workspaces in both home and office environments. It’s clear from these circumstances alone that electrical installations must be designed and augmented to meet future requirements.

It’s not just installations that are changing, either. Our society strives to become more digitally interconnected for the objectives of convenience and efficiency in our lives. Whether it’s electrical automation for smart homes or energy-efficient data centres for businesses, the demand for digital infrastructure continues to intensify through our reliance on technology.

All of these developments emphasise an increasing dependency on electrical energy that is constantly evolving. Specifiers are hereby left with the task of considering digital transformation and energy consumption when providing electrical solutions.

Maintaining efficiency

As the built environment establishes greater electrical energy reliance, efficiency will be vital to a sustainable future. The demand for smart controls in homes and BMS systems for commercial properties is evidence that homeowners and businesses alike desire greater control of their energy consumption.

With this in mind, specifiers must factor in efficiency measures for electrical products to both reduce energy consumption and ensure reliable supply in all areas of infrastructure going forward. This will be equally important for mitigating running costs of electrical building services long term – aligning with the best interests of every consumer.

Legrand’s experts have developed solutions that adopt this forward-thinking approach for transforming the spaces we work and live in. Solutions across the business are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption and deliver energy savings for both commercial and domestic environments. In conjunction, products are supported by specialist technical advice to correctly specify in line with the individual requirements of every project.

People first approach

Collectively, meeting these objectives sets out a goal for electrical professionals to implement fit-for-purpose buildings that are futureproofed for the ever-changing needs of society.

It’s important to note, however, that sustainability doesn’t just encompass energy efficiency, but also wellbeing and safety. Keeping sight of such values is where Legrand sets a precedence for industry standards, as part of our mission to provide spaces that improve lives for generations to come. Transforming the built environment entails promoting wellbeing among individuals, as well as making building services long-lasting and efficient.

To highlight this core value, Legrand looks to ensure its own people are engaged and motivated to support customers in reaching sustainability targets on their projects. This is achieved by taking care of the mental and physical wellbeing of our own community to ensure our sites are fit for purpose from a safety, wellbeing and energy efficiency perspective.

In effect, Legrand applies sustainability not just through its solutions, but also reflects this focus in our internal ethos. Specifiers and engineers can have peace of mind that this aim is at the heart of Legrand’s operations, which is why we have been the reliable partner to electrical professionals across all sectors in the UK for the past 50 years.

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