Distech Controls launches Bluetooth enabled ecosystem

The new ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem takes technology to the next level to the benefit of the building and its occupants.      

Distech Controls, an innovation leader connecting people with intelligent building solutions, today launched ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem, a new technology solution for improving occupant comfort in offices and hospitality spaces as well as healthcare and educational buildings. By utilising Bluetooth communication technology, this new platform allows occupants to easily interact with their space via technology they are familiar with, for instance a mobile device or app.

“In recognising the reality that the average person spends more than 90% of their life indoors in buildings of all types, whether hospitals, schools or office spaces[1], we must shift our focus to optimising the indoor environment,” said Charles Pelletier, Director of Product Management at Distech Controls. “We all have different, often subtle, preferences for temperature and light levels. Our new solution allows occupants in building spaces to have greater control over their environment, which is easily managed though the my PERSONIFY app on their mobile device.”

The full solution includes the recently launched products, the Allure UNITOUCH touchscreen sensor, my PERSONIFY app and EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE. The cutting-edge user interface of the Allure UNITOUCH is fitted with its own sensor, enhancing the occupant experience. With its built-in Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology, it can be paired with a smartphone to quickly and easily adjust room comfort settings such as HVAC, lighting and sunblinds. The EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE features a motion detector, light sensor, temperature sensor and a Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver that together enable the wireless control of comfort settings in building spaces. The my PERSONIFY app is easily customisable for each user through its intuitive interface.

Occupant well-being is an increasingly important consideration for HR professionals and facility managers keen to optimise workplace performance, reduce absenteeism and boost morale.2

“Occupants using the solution can quickly and easily modify the environmental conditions according to their own requirements in spaces such as hotel bedrooms, cellular offices or classroom areas,” said Martin Villeneuve, President of Distech Controls. “By utilising Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology, Distech Controls was able to create an occupant-focused and mobile-accessible solution, putting employees or guests in charge of their own spaces to maximise comfort, control and well-being.”

With its contemporary design and an inviting user interface, Distech Controls’ solution enables building owners and managers to easily select the finish that will seamlessly blend into their space. Architects who are designing spaces will not need to compromise on between functionality and appearance.

To learn more, please visit www.distech-controls.com.

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