Discreet heating sensor

A new type of indoor heating sensor has been launched by Radiant Control Limited.  The Kanmor 084e discreet sensor is the first to be designed to push into plaster or plasterboard in a unique way that means it can be completely hidden from view.

This new sensor mounts flush into the wall and can be skimmed over before the wall finish is completed.  The sensor automatically compensates for the temperature drop through the plaster skim.  This breakthrough gives the interior designer more scope and flexibility since the wall is left completely flush.

The sensor itself consists of a 10k thermistor mounted on a white ABS plastic disk.  Since the sensor material is corrosion resistant, it means that the drywall installer or decorator is able to either skim over the disk or paint it to blend in with the wall colour.  The 084e can be connected to any Kanmor 500 Series thermostat for remote temperature sensing applications.

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