Direct Dim offers control

Direct Dim is the latest innovation from CP Electronics, offering occupancy detection and dimming control all in one easy to install unit. A host of energy saving features are combined in Direct Dim to provide a simple and cost effective solution to energy efficiency.
Offering occupancy detection via microwave or PIR, Direct Dim utilises DSI or Dali dimming output in addition to switched relay output. The two outputs can operate either together or independently, allowing one output to be dimmed whilst the other output is switched.

Two switch inputs are included to allow manual control for absence detection, dimming up/down and override on/off. The use of a two position momentary switch allows simple dimming with up and down dimming inputs, rather than awkward single switch control. Separate switches allow absence detection on each channel and individual overrides of each channel.

The unit can be set using either integral pre-sets or by utilising a separate handset for more detailed functions.

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