DIN rail stakes its claim on the single phase market

Timeguard is offering a growing range of Theben DIN rail switches, including KNX compatible models, from stock. Demand is booming as traditional objections to using DIN rails in UK domestic premises, where the ring main convention still predominates are being challenged and specifiers and installers have become more aware of their huge potential for cost effective integrated building control in private homes.

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In the domestic market, DIN rail controls are currently making the most impact in new or refurbished luxury houses, where innovative installers take advantage of the fact that even a fairly standard consumer unit for single phase supply will allow for a dozen or more circuits. This affords potential for some fairly sophisticated zoned electrical installations to controlling internal and external lighting, heating and air conditioning.


In practice, all the features available for large commercial and industrial users are on offer for domestic installations – if the installer is willing to think laterally, but not necessarily too radically with installing radial wiring.


Mix and match, multi-channel DIN rail time controllers provide the freedom to design the system that fits and the availability of the first universal DIN-rail mounted lighting dimmers from Theben means that LED lights can be controlled smoothly. Timed switching can also be combined with PIR switches so that lights and heating only come on when the space is occupied. DIN rail mounted Lux sensors can turn inside and outside lights on and off based on the natural light levels, and DIN rail mounted Solar Time clocks can turn lights on and off based on calculated sun rise and sunset times, so control is transparent to the end user.  The biggest market opportunity of the moment, real energy saving, is in the palm of your hand now.



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