Dimplex Solar Eclipse

Dimplex has introduced the new Solar Eclipse solar hot water system, making it easier than ever to take the all-electric route to Part L compliance.
Solar Eclipse joins Dimplex’s extensive line-up of flexible and controllable electric heating and the UK’s widest range of heat pumps, to offer the complete low carbon electric heating solution. The system combines easily with all-electric heating systems to provide a straightforward way to meet Building Regulations requirements.
“Solar Eclipse is future-proof and provides great flexibility in complying with Part L, allowing developers to take full advantage of the Block Assessment methodology,” comments Chris Davis, Head of Renewables at Dimplex.
Electric heating is the cost-effective preferred solution for many developers, particularly for flats and apartments, with benefits including low capital costs, simple installation, faster build speeds and no pipework or flues. The Block Assessment calculation in Part L allows developers to take an innovative approach to compliance, for example by using solar water heating for upper floor flats, with the benefit of the significant CO2 savings being shared across the entire block.

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