Diffusion and Vent-Axia join forces

British heating and cooling equipment specialist Diffusion has been acquired by the Volution Group plc, a leading supplier of ventilation products to the residential and commercial construction market in the UK and northern Europe.

Volution Group plc completed the acquisition at the end of December, with Diffusion joining some of Group’s top brands including the UK’s leading ventilation company Vent-Axia.

Diffusion has been manufacturing heating and cooling equipment in the UK for over 50 years. Its product portfolio comprises fan coil units, air curtains, fan convectors and general purpose heaters. Diffusion also offers a bespoke product service aimed at primarily end-users, architects and consultants.

The addition of Diffusion sees the company join ventilation specialist Vent-Axia, a company with a similar British heritage having supplied mechanical ventilation to commercial and residential buildings for over 80 years.

Jon McDonald PR shotSaid Jon McDonald, pictured, Sales Director at Diffusion: “From refurbishment through to large landmark new build projects, combined solutions from Diffusion and Vent-Axia provide a common thread of quality, reliability and performance that is beyond the reach of other companies. We provide, without doubt, the largest, most comprehensive choice available from any single supplier offering solutions specifiers can trust, so why trust your building to anyone else.

“Our products and systems are supported by expert sales and technical teams who understand customers’ needs and the requirements of Building Regulations, the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive and Energy Related Products Directive.”

Mark Hoskins, UK Ventilation Group MD, said: “There is a great synergy between Vent-Axia and Diffusion, with a strong heritage of British manufacturing and provision of excellent products to the market.

“Specifiers can now take simple steps to building services specification, knowing that they can find a wide range of quality products in one place.”

Together, Diffusion and Vent-Axia’s product development programme focuses on their energy saving initiatives, using technology which reduces power consumption and, wherever possible, recovers, recycles and re-uses energy that would otherwise be wasted.



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