Diesel fuel polishing service

Merlin Power Management has launched a new service for owners and users of standby diesel generators, which is designed to prevent fuel deterioration. Called Diesel Fuel Polishing, the fuel cleaning service is a non-invasive procedure that re-optimises the diesel in the tank to ensure that the generator always has a cleaned source of fuel.
Fuel for standby generators tends to lie dormant for long periods awaiting use.  During this time, the diesel can deteriorate through water ingress, which encourages micro-bacterial growth and sludge to form.  These contaminants, together with solid material, will clog filters, reduce fuel performance and can lead to expensive damage or reduced power from the generator when it is needed most.
Diesel Fuel Polishing not only ensures that the generator fuel remains clean, it also means that there is no need to dispose of contaminated fuel and replace with very expensive new diesel.  Quickly and efficiently carried out by Merlin using an electromechanical pumping system, the fuel is cleaned and conditioned removing water, solids, bacterial growth or biomass and then returned to the tank ready for use.

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