Designers choose chilled beams

Fläkt Woods has been awarded a contract for the supply of 689 chilled beams for one of Australia’s most prestigious, energy conscious new buildings, Adelaide’s City Central Redevelopment, Tower 2.
Designed to achieve Australia’s 5 Star Green Rating, as well as a 5 Star Energy Rating, the new building will be amongst the most advanced buildings in Australia, capturing best practice from around the world and fully integrating Green Building principles into the design.

The beams, which are also available in the UK, are double width QPSA passive beams (580 mm wide), which form part of Fläkt Wood’s Flexicool range of chilled beams.

A 5 Star rating requires a building to have the maximum energy saving initiatives. This led designers to specify a waterbased cooling system, as the energy needed to provide the cooling requirement is less than cooling through the air. Indoor air quality was another fundamental criteria, and it is recognised that chilled beams lead to better working environments.

Commenting on the award, Veikko Kärner, Fläkt Wood’s Sales & Marketing Manager for Chilled Beams, said: “Our QPSA chilled beams are the right choice for the environment, and because they have low water pressure drop, they also have low operation costs. This contract demanded a flexible choice and our beams are ideally suited as they can be adjusted in position in the relevant room as required, which makes installation easy as you do not need to choose which room a chilled beam is to be used in before hand”.

Located at 121-129 King William Street the new building will be of a similar height to the existing building which will be demolished to the ground floor level, with the basement being retained. The scheme is the continuation of Caversham Property Developments, City Central Precinct redevelopment programme, the most prestigious and largest single infrastructure undertaking in Adelaide.

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