Demand-controlled indoor climate has never been easier with WISE

Demand-controlled ventilation is the best way to achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, while keeping energy consumption down to a minimum. The new generation of Swegon’s WISE system takes this to a new level. Now, we’re not only bringing ventilation under demand control, but indoor climate as a whole. Based on 15 years of experience, we have created our ‘blue-sky’ system, in which each component is designed to interact with the others.

In rebuilding our WISE system from scratch, we’ve taken the opportunity to incorporate a raft of smart new solutions.

Visual usability was one of our missions in developing the new-generation WISE. This is especially true of the new Super Wise, in which the whole system can be monitored at a glance. But it starts right from the IC Design product selection software in which Advanced Room View aids product selection with its superb visual support. Faster, easier and more enjoyable to use!

Thanks to the depth of our product range and the flexibility of both our products and software, you’ll always be able to find the ideal WISE solution to give you a healthy indoor climate with the least possible energy consumption. For offices, schools, hotels and any other application, we have air and waterborne products for directing ventilation, heating and cooling to wherever it’s needed.

Communication within the system is not restricted by cabling that might get misconnected initially and later be vulnerable to damage. Instead, we use state-of-the-art wireless technology in a patented and extremely reliable solution that networks our products. Combined with high-level encryption for secure data transmission, this results in a robust system, which greatly improves unbeatable flexibility to suit a multitude of different applications.

WISE offers a complete system that can be expanded with other Swegon products for added functionality. The GOLD air handling unit provides high-efficiency ventilation and offers full compatibility, including its control features, and when combined with WISE greater levels of inter-product system optimisation routines become available for even greater building efficiency. Add the Swegon Connect to enable cloud services for monitoring and support, for a truly Smart Building solution.

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