Delta from Purmo

Purmo UK has changed the name of its Column range to Delta, bringing it into the fold of Purmo’s pan-European Warm Society.  The range features four different styles of radiator; the Laserline, Bench, Bar and Twin.

Choosing a radiator that has the style to finish off a beautiful space, yet doesn’t break the budget, has always been a challenge – until now.  The Purmo Delta Laserline radiator is a stylish, contemporary twist on the conventional steel column radiator of days gone by. The Delta Laserline can create a traditional look in a modern apartment, or provide a sophisticated take on an old design in a conservatory or period property.

The Purmo Delta Twin has a large surface area and supplies lots of heat – fast! This allows end users to hang towels on the Twin without reducing its performance. The adjustable towel rail included and ease of cleaning make this ideal for the bathroom or kitchen.

The Purmo Delta Bar turns a column radiator into an architectural statement. The vertical columns can be finished in any colour desired, and can be crowned with a tabletop made from glass, wood or marble. 

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