Delmatic offer CIBSE approved lighting management CPD seminars

Delmatic are leading international suppliers of advanced lighting management systems that reimagine and redefine lighting control. Delmatic’s smart solutions mesh wireless and wired devices across physical or cloud networks, continuously monitoring, analysing and optimising lighting and connected building services performance. Systems are designed to conserve energy, enhance sustainability, increase comfort, simplify installation, reduce capital and operational costs, and make advanced controls intuitive and accessible to all.

Delmatic’s expertise and wealth of experience is available as a resource for consultants and designers through a series CIBSE approved CPD seminars, ranging from an overview of lighting management to in-depth studies on the latest innovations in lighting control technologies, networks and smart, connected systems.

Overview of lighting management

This seminar provides comprehensive knowledge on lighting management key topics, including IoT, wired, wireless and mixed-mode solutions, DALI-2 technology and application, emergency light testing and monitoring, open protocols and interoperability, MQTT, system architecture and application, biodynamic control, heatmaps, spatial occupancy mapping and dashboards, and is packed with schematics to explain lighting management concepts, and the application of various forms of control to different building areas and types of lighting.


DALI-2 is the global standard for smart, digital lighting control in the IoT era. Delmatic are leaders in the design and application of DALI-2 lighting management systems, and offer the most extensive range of certified DALI-2 controllers, sensors and devices. This seminar explores DALI-2 Buswire, Broadcast, Plug-in and Wireless approaches and applications, and looks at expanded DALI solutions including DALI-2 sensors and switches, as well as DALI-2 relays for control of services including water solenoid valves and blind motors. The seminar concludes with an exploration of the latest in DALI emergency light testing and monitoring as well as biodynamic white-tuning and RGBW controls.

Open, connected systems

Open systems optimise efficiency by pooling key data, and sharing hardware and knowledge to achieve substantial savings in capital cost as well as big operational savings over the life of a building. Buildings equipped with stand-alone, proprietary systems lock clients into expensive, restrictive support from one vendor and limit potential for integration. This seminar focuses on the advantages of integration and interoperability, and looks at open protocols DALI-2, Lon, BACnet and MQTT.

Detailed design and application

“Where should I start?” when applying lighting controls to a project. This seminar provides the answers and looks at what technology is out there and what is in the pipeline for the future,

and considers the various control approaches and application based on the type of project, the light sources to be controlled, the degree of flexibility required, and the preferred installation approach. The seminar includes recommendations and optimum design approaches, and a sequence of flowcharts and animated schematics guide you through the technology and hardware selection process.

Seminars last an hour including ‘Q&A’ session, and are delivered online or at a client’s premises. Dematic also offer two hour in-depth seminars, customised to suit your particular requirements. For more information or to book email


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