Delivering the Data on IT Ventilation

image1The very specific ventilation needs of data centres are being answered with what is claimed to be the most advanced range of floor grilles available.

Gilberts Blackpool is already established as Britain’s leading independent air movement specialist. Its GF range is so efficient, it was the ventilation unit of choice at the Data Centre World Green Data Centre showcase at ExCel, London.

The GF Series of heavy duty floor grilles each deliver air volumes up to 500l/sec with a jet velocity just over 3m/s, whilst withstanding point loading up to 4.5KN (to meet EN13264:2001) in most raised floor types.

Screwdriver operated slimline hit/miss slot dampers are available, which are position lockable, and attached to the grille body; this makes handling easier, and reduces cost, whilst giving finite control over the airflow to eliminate risk of hot or cold spots.

Manufactured from extruded aluminium, the grilles are available in a choice of medium or extra heavy grade, depending on static loading. Designed to replace 600mm square floor tiles, each grille is specifically engineered with the internal bars set on a straight, close (13mm) pitch, to prevent heel penetration and snagging. They can be easily removed as required to provide access for cabling and utility services RMI below.

For optimum integration into the data centre design, units are provided as standard in mill finish, but can be supplied with a brush (bright grain effect) finish, shadowline (matt black internals with a bright grain fascia) or nylon colour coating.

“The GF Series has been purpose-designed and developed for the specific needs of rooms with raised floors and heavy traffic and load,” says Gilberts Sales Director Ian Rogers. “They deliver effective performance, to ensure the ambient temperature around sensitive equipment such as servers is kept at the optimum.”

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