Delivering an effective learning environment for the next generation of physics students

A new generation of high performance ventilation is helping University of Liverpool re-open its doors to students under its new hybrid teaching model.

As part of a £1billion Masterplan Estate Strategy, the University’s Facilities, Residential and Commercial Services (FRCS) department has commissioned remodelling of its primary physics lecture and teaching spaces in the Chadwick Building.

To deliver a smooth yet high volume air flow and air change  (thus enabling socially-distanced teaching to continue), into the new, 400 seat Rotblat Lecture Theatre, high induction multi-nozzle diffusers designed, developed and manufactured by Gilberts Blackpool have been installed.

The 32no Series MN diffusers, with insulating plenum boxes to balance the airflow, form part of a complete upgrade of the building’s M&E services, designed by Pick Everard and executed by Lockwood Technical Services.

In designing and developing the Series MN diffusers, Gilberts has combined modern styling with high performance, to  provide a lower cost air distribution solution compared to traditional diffuser designs.

The array of unique induction nozzles in each MN diffuser provide a smooth, quiet, rapidly entrained airflow, delivering a high air flow quickly and effectively. Each nozzle can be separately rotated to accommodate the individual air distribution pattern required.

A range of border frame options ensures the diffuser can be used in almost any ceiling type, specification or design. If additional air volume control is required, Gilberts can further tailor the unit to incorporate  quadrant or cord operated flap or iris dampers can be integrated into the plenum inlet.

Sean Croft, University of Liverpool FRCS Senior Building Surveyor and Project Manager said: “We’re really pleased with the outcome of this project which will improve the student experience within this area of campus.”

Series MN is one element of Gilberts’ comprehensive range of grilles and diffusers that has established it as the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist. Founded some six decades  ago, privately owned Gilberts is unique in its in-house ability to design, develop, test and bring to market innovative yet practical air movement solutions. It has its own, on-site (85,000ft2) manufacturing facility, producing engineered solutions, with an in-house test centre. Technical expertise is supported by full in-house testing, and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation capability.


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