Deeper waves for tighter curves

Launched at the Frankfurt ISH Exhibition by BRUGG Pipesystems, new CALPEX is up to 24% more flexible thanks to an ingenious new geometry with more pronounced corrugation.

John Knight, PIPE2000 Sales Director explains: “CALPEX from BRUGG Pipesystems is a highly reliable and well-engineered PE-Xa preinsulated pipe system for underground use. It’s a bonded system using PUR insulation which gives very low heat loss.  Planners, engineers and civil engineering companies around the globe already appreciate the outstanding product features of CALPEX.

“Now it’s even more pliable and more manoeuvrable because the corrugation of the new CALPEX low temperature system is deeper and more pronounced than the previous generation. The new, refined casing design means the pipe is now up to 24% more flexible and bending radii have been reduced by up to 30%.”

This latest enhancement allows those installing CALPEX on site to cope with most situations easily and with significantly less effort. In addition, the high flexibility of the new CALPEX system also brings remarkable benefits with regard to material logistics: the core diameter of the coils can be reduced because of the tighter winding radii.

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