Dedo lights light up galleries for auctioneer, Phillips

When auctioneer Phillips moved to a new purpose-designed HQ in London’s Berkeley Square they commissioned two new high-spec gallery spaces and turned to Dedo Weigert Film GmbH, Munich, to supply state of the art lighting fittings.

The innovative lighting system was specified in-house by Phillips’ Gallery Manager Ian Bell working closely with Ossie Jung of Prolight Direct. The fittings were customised by Dedo and delivered and installed on time and on budget.

Thirty years as a gaffer in TV and film meant Ossie knew all about the engineering, flexibility and quality offered by Dedo film and TV products. It was a short jump to realise their potential for gallery, museum and architectural applications where precision and controllability are essential.

Advantages of using the Dedo DLAD9.1BI in galleries and museum spaces include:
– Full spectrum from tungsten to daylight allowing perfect reproduction of colour.
– Evenness of light with no fall off at the edges or hotspots in the middle.
– Continuous focussing range from 4° – 50°.
– An array of light shaping options.
– Full intensity and colour control via DALI or DMX systems as well as manual.
– A higher lumen per watt than metal halide or tungsten fixtures with significantly reduced heat output and long lasting LEDs.

UK distributors are Cirrolite:

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