Decide on Senticide

In direct response to market demand for a safe, long lasting and simple to use biocide for commercial heating systems, Sentinel Commercial has introduced Senticide 7500.

This innovative new biocide, algaecide and fungicide effectively eliminates troublesome microbes, thereby removing and protecting against problems such as blockages, bad odours, slimes and bacteria-induced corrosion.

Designed specifically for commercial heating systems and closed circuit cooling/chiller systems, Senticide 7500 is an ideal solution for any low temperature system that does not reach natural pasteurisation temperatures (>60ºC), such as under floor heating/cooling circuits found in many office facilities, conference venues, sports centres and hotels.

Senticide 7500 is extremely fast acting, which is great news for any organisations suffering with poor circulation or even complete system blockages, undue pump replacements, inefficiency, or excessive boiler noise. Such problems can be the result of microbiological fouling, as well as the more common sludge and/or corrosion deposits, in pipe, manifold, heat exchanger and valve areas of commercial systems. Correct treatment with Senticide 7500 and Sentinel X100 inhibitor can fully treat a commercial system and kill harmful bacteria in as little as two days, providing long term protection thereafter.


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