DANLERS range of popular Outdoor Security Switches just got better.

SECURITY PR PICDANLERS Outdoor Security Switch range are neat and compact and now benefit from an IP66 rated polycarbonate enclosure and therefore can now be installed across a greater range of challenging environments.

All four products have been re-engineered for an even better performance ensuring an easier and more flexible installation.

The product range includes:

  • IP66 Compact Person Detector with both improved time lag options and upgraded photocell range of 10-1000 lux together with a photocell inactive feature.
  • IP66 Twilight Switch turns lights ON from Dusk to Dawn.
  • NEW – IP66 Twilight Switch featuring DANLERS ‘Intelligent’ Photocell which learns the contribution of the artificial lighting it is controlling reducing the risk of hunting and over illumination.
  • IP66 Dusk Switch with new ‘Intelligent photocell’. Switches lights on for a timed duration (2-16 hours) and resets itself when sufficient light is available ensuring lights are not left on unnecessarily.


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